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New Applications from USA - Miami, FL and Parma Heights, OH, Italy - Torino, Belarus - Minsk, Uruguay - Maldonado.

We have received Applications from Bangladesh, India, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Colombia

More Applications are coming soon!!!


Global VideoCall project is starting!

At the moment we are making an initial search of the participants, which supposedly will take one or two weeks.

In the meantime, we recommend you to register in the project and to start informing your customers about the new service.

Send your Applications to sales@globalvideocall.com.

Please, pay a particular attention to the only MANDATORY condition of participating in the project – when your company receives the order for making a VideoCall from our administrators, you MUST contact the customer who is supposed to answer the call, to provide him information about the order and to invite him to your office at the scheduled call time.


In order to make VideoCall, the company needs to have a computer with audio- and videocards, microphone, speakers ( or headset ), web camera and Internet connection.

Recommended Configuration

  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, ME, XP, Windows NT
  • Pentium 120 MHz or better
  • At least 32 MB of RAM
  • 256-color display card or better
  • 56Kbps or better modem card or Ethernet card

NetMeeting is a software distributed by Microsoft for free. It can be downloaded from its original location - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting

NetMeeting is preinstalled to Windows 2000 and can be launched by going to Start, Programs - Accessories - Communications - NetMeeting.

The installation and configuration of NetMeeting is very simple and can be performed practically by any PC user. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to download the program, to configure and to test it. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the links in the bottom of this page.

Important Information

It is recommended to use NetMeeting version 3.01. If another version is installed on your computer, you will need to upgrade it to 3.01. You can check your current version of software by starting NetMeeting and going Help – About program NetMeeting.

Before starting to make calls, you will need to find out whether your Internet connection has firewalls or not. You can get this information from your system administrator or Internet provider. If your network has firewalls, NetMeeting software has to be configured to work with it. Firewall configuration instructions are in the Help section of NetMeeting.

Be careful about sending the static IP address. When several computers use the same Internet connection, send the IP address only of the computer that will be used for making VideoCalls.

NetMeeting will give you three registration options – Personal, Business use and Adults only. Select Business use.

When making NetMeeting calls, ALWAYS stay registered under the same contact information as you provided to Global VideoCall, otherwise people will not be able to call you. If for some reason you change the contact information, please notify Gobal VideoCall immediately.

If the Internet bandwidth that you use for videocalls is broad enough – 64Kbps or better, we recommend you to use the codec G.711 64 Kbps, which provides the highest audio- and videosignal quality. Should your bandwidth be lower, the codec G.723.1 6.3Kbps is preferrable. We recommend you to try both options.

Headsets usually provide better quality than microphone and speakers. Speakers and microphones located close to each other may cause so called "mechanical echo" effect, when the microphone catches the audiosignals coming from speakers and sends it back to the caller.

Before starting NetMeeting software, close all programs and applications. It will significantly improve the call quality.

Usually, the system will establish connection within 10-30 seconds after you clicked the "Call" button.

Sending videosignals over the Internet requires significant amount of bandwidth and reasonably advanced computers. Sometimes, due to the slow response time and insufficient bandwiths audio and video packets could be lost that could result in interrupted video and distorted audio.

Please, send all your requests regarding NetMeeting technicall support to Microsoft - www.microsoft.com


  • Official NetMeeting site at microsoft – description, download, instructions, recommendations - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting.
  • NetMeeting support page - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting/Support/default.asp.
  • A great source of information on NetMeeting - http://www.meetingbywire.com.
  • Third-party\'s NetMeeting step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting and tips –http://www.zmk.uni-freiburg.de/InternetService/Netmeeting/default.htm, http://www.lifes4living.co.uk/comm10body.htm,
  • Send your feedback and concerns to the NetMeeting Team at msnetmtg@microsoft.com.

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