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New Applications from USA - Miami, FL and Parma Heights, OH, Italy - Torino, Belarus - Minsk, Uruguay - Maldonado.

We have received Applications from Bangladesh, India, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Colombia

More Applications are coming soon!!!


eGlobal Chat project is starting!

At the moment we are making an initial search of the participants, which supposedly will take one or two weeks.

In the meantime, we recommend you to register in the project and to start informing your customers about the new service.

Send your Applications to sales@eglobalchat.com

Please, pay a particular attention to the only MANDATORY condition of participating in the project – when your company receives the order for making a VideoCall from our administrators, you MUST contact the customer who is supposed to answer the call, to provide him information about the order and to invite him to your office at the scheduled call time.


In order to start offering VideoCall services, a company has to register with eGlobal Chat program. Please e-mail the following Application to sales@eglobalchat.com

Application Form

  • Company Name
  • Authorized Order Name(s)
  • Full Business Address, including the Province or the State
  • The closest intersection to your location or any other information ( other than address ) that could be used for locating your company, for example, “52nd St and Grizzly Blvd intersection” or “Adjacent to Kinko’s CopyCenter”
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Hours of Operation including weekends
  • Timezone, for example (GMT +1 ) You can find your timezone inhttp://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/full.html, http://www.hilink.com.au/times, http://www.worldtimeserver.com or just check the timezone settings in your computer.

NetMeeting Registration Information

  • Name
  • IP Address. ( ONLY for static IP addresses. Dynamic addresses are not needed. )
  • E-mail address ( could be different from the contact one )
  • Any other information you would like to share.

Should the company-participant decide to register more than one location, information about all locations ( General information and NetMeeting Registration data ) must be submitted.

After the receipt of this information, the company will be registered as the participant of the EGlobal Chat program. The name of the city it is located in will appear on the list of all EGlobal Chat points of operations. The company will be able to start placing orders for the calls to the available cities and EGlobal Chat will start accepting orders for the calls to the newly registered participant.

When the customer places a VideoCall order, the company-participant
needs to submit the order form. The form has to be submitted to : order@eglobalchat.com.no later than 24 hours before the scheduled
call time ( 48 hours is highly recommended ).

VideoCall Order Form
All lines are to be filled out

  • Company Name (The name of the company, which is registered in the Global VideoCall program and which will be initiating the call using NetMeeting registration data below )
  • Address

NetMeeting Registration Information

  • Name
  • IP Address ( ONLY static IP addresses )
  • E-mail address

Customer who placed the call

  • Calling Customer (The customer who places the call )
  • First, Middle and Last Names
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • E-mail address ( if available )

Customer who will answer the call
(The customer who is supposed to receive the call)

  • First, Middle and Last Names
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • E-mail address ( if available )

Scheduled Call Time
It is absolutely necessary to mention the timezone of the place
the call will be made from.

Some customers may not have all the contact information listed above, however it is strongly recommended to provide as much information as possible since it is very important for locating and notifying the customer who will respond the call.

eGlobal Chat will select the best calling point for the customer in the place where the called party is located and will send all information to the company-participant there, including contact information of the party that is supposed to receive the call, scheduled call time adjusted to its timezone and NetMeeting Registration data of the company that will initiate the call.
In addition, eGlobal Chat will contact the company, which is initiating the order and provide it with the NetMeeting registration information of the company receiving call.

The company that receives the call MUST contact the customer and invite him/her to make a Videocall, providing the following information:

  • Name of the customer who will make the call and the
  • City the call will be made from,
  • Scheduled call time,
  • Address of the company-participant
  • Cost of the call.

If the company that receives the call finds itself unable to contact the customer or if the customer refuses to make the call, the company will need to notify eGlobal Chatl by sending e-mail to order@eglobalchat.com. In this case, eGlobalChatl will either contact another company located in the same place or will cancel the order and notify the company that has placed it.

If no order cancellation information is received, the order is considered accepted and valid. When the customers arrive at the call centers, the operator of the company-participant needs to launch NetMeeting and to call the other company, using the registration information received from EGlobal Chat Service.

There Are 2 Ways to Make a VideoCall.

1. To dial using IP address. This is called direct dialing. All that is needed is to input the IP address of the company you are calling to, provided by Global Chatl to the window above the video window and to click “Call”. This is a preferred way of making calls because it provides better call quality.

2. To make a call by locating the NetMeeting username of the company you are calling to in the ILS ( Internet Locator Server ) server and requesting to accept the call. This method is used when the company you are calling to does not have the static IP address or for some reason it can not be dialed.
In order to make the call, you need to log on to the ILS and look for the company name there. Before making a call, an operator just needs to check the “News” page, write down the ILSs’ names, launch NetMeeting software, input the ILS name, locate the other party and request to accept the call.

EGlobal Chatl is always posting three ILSs recommended for making calls in the “News” page of this web site.

Please, always call using the ILS servers in the order in which it posted in this web site, i.e. first try to call using the ILS posted first, in the unlikely event when the ILS is down or you can not locate the person with this user name there, connect to the second one and to the third one.

In order for the call to be successful, the customer awaiting the call needs to have all necessary equipment, to stay online , to have NetMeeting program opened, to be registered under the same contact information as provided to EGlobal Chat and to be logged in the same directory and the person who is calling him.


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