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New Applications from USA - Miami, FL and Parma Heights, OH, Italy - Torino, Belarus - Minsk, Uruguay - Maldonado.

We have received Applications from Bangladesh, India, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Colombia

More Applications are coming soon!!!


eGlobal Chat project is starting!

At the moment we are making an initial search of the participants, which supposedly will take one or two weeks.

In the meantime, we recommend you to register in the project and to start informing your customers about the new service.

Send your Applications to sales@eglobalchat.com

Please, pay a particular attention to the only MANDATORY condition of participating in the project – when your company receives the order for making a VideoCall from our administrators, you MUST contact the customer who is supposed to answer the call, to provide him information about the order and to invite him to your office at the scheduled call time.


Do you want to make an Internet VideoCall to almost any city in the world or to start providing VideoCall service to your clients?

It has never been so easy!

The company eGlobal Chat is proud to announce a project of worldwide video calls over the Internet. The project is designed to promote and to facilitate VideoCalls for different categories of the clients, including those who do not have computers, and to implement easy and affordable VideoCall services on a large scale.

The purpose of the project is to build worldwide network of locations where people could make VideoCalls based on the existing points of public Internet access, such as Internet Cafes, computer clubs, Call centers and other companies willing to participate in the program.

The most important benefits of this project are the ease and convenience of making VideoCalls and the extremely low cost of the necessary equipment.

The companies and individuals, who would like to participate in this program need to have computer with web camera, NetMeeting software and to be connected to the Internet with the bandwidth not lower than 56 Kbps. In addition, they have to register with the company eGlobal Chat and to provide their NetMeeting registration data, such as Name, E-mail address, IP address, that will be used for establishing video connection. The necessary equipment is usually available in the organizations offering public Internet access, therefor there is no need for additional expenses or these expenses will be minimal.

In order to make a Videocall, the customer needs to place an order in the company who participates in the eGlobal Chat program or directly on this web site. The order has to be received no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of call. 48 hours advance time is highly recommended. Having received the order,e Global Chatl will find the best suited registered company-participant for the call, notify this organization about the order, provide the client’s contact information and will ask to contact the customer who is supposed to receive VideoCall and to invite him/her to their location at the scheduled time of the call.

The companies who participate in the program define the rates and the costs of calls to the end users. Currently, eGlobal Chat services are free for all participating parties, later we plan to start charging an insignificant monthly fee.

Please send your requests and applications to

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